Projects: The English Piano Man

The English Piano Man is a series featuring Oliver Moriarty – a seasoned piano man who has performed all over the world.

Ollie will be travelling across America stopping at some of the most important musical cities in the US exploring their musical roots and maybe meeting some of his musical heroes along the way.

He encounters a cross section of fascinating characters from diverse backgrounds and interesting scenarios. From duetting with the old piano player on a Steam Boat down the Mississippi to playing his music for kids in an urban inner city Youth Centre in Philadelphia.... Donning a tuxedo to perform in a swanky five star hotel hosting a beauty pageant in LA to playing gospel for a family christening in Alabama.... Arriving in Nashville, Ollie sets out to get himself a gig in one of the iconic music bars in Nashville, and is that Dolly Parton over there? Ollie’s travels also include in a visit to one of the most famous piano makers in America the Baldwin piano factory in Trumann, Arkansas.

The thread that ties all these people and situations together is of course the big communicator music.

Moriarty has always harboured an ambition to duet with one of his favourite all time musical heroes, the all American Piano Man himself Billy Joel! Will he do it?

Come on a road trip with The English Piano Man to follow his adventure!


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