Projects: Luke Graves

An extraordinary man.

His competence as a comedy writer perfectly complements his talent as a performer, both as a stand-up comedian and as a comedy actor.

The team at Epic see hundreds of comedians every year, either performing live, or by way of the seemingly endless stream of YouTube videos that are thrust into our inbox. It was one of these videos that first introduced Luke to Jack Applebaum, Epic’s CEO.

Having been immediately hooked by the few minutes of stand-up on the video, Jack knew he needed to find out more about Luke Graves. Unusually, the entire Epic team also agreed that Luke has something special…. Not just the ability to make people laugh out loud, but also a natural charm and quick wit that will eventually endear him to television audiences.

His competence as a comedy writer perfectly complements his talent as a performer, both as a stand-up comedian and as a comedy actor.

Here is what Luke has to say about himself…

I would love to tell you that from a very early age I dreamt of being on stage and that over time I’ve realised my dream, but it is simply not true. I was the boy that made up little stories and exaggerated the truth to make myself more interesting to adults. I was the teenager that wrote poems in my bedroom but was too embarrassed to show anyone. I was the young man who would write short stories and come up with film ideas, telling friends about films that ‘I’d seen were coming out’, as a way of showcasing my movies. I was the frustrated twenty-two year old, who didn’t know how to be creative so I went travelling, thinking it is what a writer would do. I was the twenty-eight year old that accidently discovered the world of stand-up comedy, whilst trying to stay out of the house away from a failing relationship.

Now I’m the... let’s go with man rather than age… now I’m the man who travels the country making people laugh, in a job I never knew existed. I have a creative writing degree but unfortunately a landlord that will not accept short stories as rent. I’ve written sitcoms, plays and film treatments and I don’t care who knows it.

Stand-up comedy is the most inspiring job in the world for a writer because you get instant approval (or disapproval) of your ideas. When you are sat in front of a computer writing a script/book it is easy to wonder if you are wasting your time, but then you go out at night, like some kind of rubbish unhelpful superhero, and you are reminded you might be alright.

As a stand-up comedian I’m enjoying getting better and creating more ideas. I look forward to a time where I can tour the country with my own show…. still the little boy making up stories so the adults think I’m more interesting.

No longer frustrated, as a performer I’m discovering new things that I never knew I could do, opportunities to act, present, host etc...

As a writer, ultimately I would like to write and create some of those films that my friends have been waiting for. Nowadays, having spread my wings, I also want to create other ideas in different formats and genres and work with books, musicals, sitcoms and plays. Maybe I’ll spare the world of my teenage poetry….for now.


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