Projects: JOANovARC 1986 Tour

Take the worlds leading all girl rock band.

Takeaway all the trappings of modern living to recreate a European tour just like back in the day…

NO wi-fi 
NO mobile phones
NO laptops 
NO navigation 
NO contact with the world when on the road, just a phone call opportunity at the club or hotel. 
NO iPods just walkmans 
NO cd’s, but good old cassettes 

Interviews with a host of rock celebs from the 80’s lined up.

How will the gadget dependent band with their roadcrew respond to three weeks without any of their gadgets..? Sure, it has been done, going offline for a while. But we take it further and pay tribute to all the bands that did their touring like this. Everything that happens will be done like they did it in 1986. The venues and promoters can’t reach the band while on the road, the girls don’t have all their 2015 makeup stuff on board either, just items that were available in 1986. 

The tour is all set for March 2015….


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