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Epic at Peel Talent are currently working with NBC Universal’s Peacock Productions on the development on a television project featuring the extraordinary talents of Colin Cloud.


June 2014 - New York

NBC News’ Peacock Productions announced today that it signed a deal with the forensic mind reader Colin Cloud to develop a series. The deal comes out of its UK headquarters, led by Steve Anderson and Dean Palmer.

The deal has been brokered by Jack Applebaum, CE0/Head of Productions for Epic at Peel Talent Television based in London who has been working with Colin and his associate Don Jack on the development of the television concept.

"As someone who was accepted to college at 15 years of age, Colin not only trained as a real life forensic scientist - he’s also quite the entertainer, and we’re thrilled to be developing a series with him," said Sharon Scott, President and GM of Peacock Productions.

Performer, consultant, coach and comedian, the endearing Colin Cloud is a forensic mind reader. Inspired at an early age by Arthur Conan Doyle’s “Sherlock Holmes,” Cloud made it his life’s work to replicate the skills of a fictional genius. He is the self-proclaimed Sherlock Holmes of entertainment, if Sherlock Holmes had a flair for comedy. The Holmes of hypnotists and the Great Detective of live events.

From Scotland, Cloud studied illusion and stagecraft, forensic science and criminal profiling, and how to be funny while he was at it. He now beautifully bridges the gap between fact and fiction.

Cloud has performed for professional skeptics like Penn and Teller and has wowed the hard-to-please Simon Cowell. He has left people convinced that he does indeed have mystical skills of reading minds and influencing outcomes.

"Colin is phenomenal," said Benjamin Ringe, Senior Vice President and Executive Producer of Peacock Productions. "I witnessed him make U.K. commissioners scream when he read their PIN numbers from their minds. Be careful when you accept a meeting with him, you won’t believe what he’s capable of."


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